Beginner’s Knitting

I’ve never totally got away with knitting. It’s soooooooo slow, and I always seem to drop stitches and mess it up, which seems to be easier to fix when you are crocheting something.

I also have a theory that you can’t be both a knitter and a crocheter –  it’s something to do with different parts of the brain. I’ve certainly never met anyone who was good at both!

BUT ….. I totally fell in love with the hand knitted socks doing the rounds on some of the blogs. In particular, the ones made by Lucy at Attic 24. Now she, like me, seems to be more of a crocheter than a knitter, so if she can do it, surely I can?

So after a lot of advice from my wonderful local yarn shop, Treacle, I’ve embarked on my very first kitting project. And actually, it has been easier than I expected. Result!

I’ve used the same pattern that Lucy from Attic 24 uses, on the Winwick Mum blog. It looks complicated on first reading it, but if you take it step by step it’s very straightforward, even for a total novice which I would definitely call myself. When I started I could knit and cast on but not purl or do any increases or decreases, but thanks to the wonders of YouTube I’ve conquered that as well.

The wool I’m using is Sirdar Heart and Sole, a 4-ply sock wool that’s easy to knit with. I’d never used a circular needle before, or double pointed needles (DPNs), but the instructions are really clear with lots of pictures.

Here’s my progress so far:

I’ve done the really tricky bits, which are basically the whole heel section, and I’m almost down to the toe on my first sock. It’s far from perfect – there’s a couple of holes where I’ve dropped a stitch, but over all I’m delighted. If only I can now do the second one!

Now, much as I love my new skill, I still find knitting way too slow compared to crochet, so of course I was keen to see if there were any pattern for hooked socks out there. Well it turns out there are loads!

So my next project is to try this one from Eclectic Gipsyland on Ravelry. It seems to make a nice firm rib. The suggested wool is Lang Yarns Mille Colori, a variegated yarn which has absolutely LOADS of fab shades. My favourites are:

Shade 52

Shade 56

Shade 55


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