A multi-colour Bettine

I’ve reviewed this great pattern by the Sewing Bee’s Tilly in the past, but now I’ve made some changes to it that I feel make it more suited to my body shape.


Featuring a dress with elasticated waist, it also has options for adding pockets and arm cuff tabs.

For me, the elasticated waist just didn’t seem to sit right. I’m quite short waisted, so I always felt I was pulling the waist down. But I was inspired by a RTW M&S dress I own in a similar style, which has a drawstring waist, fits really well and avoids these problems.

There are lots of versions of the pattern on Tilly’s Pinterest board, so you can see how other people have made it up.

I’ve used a multi-coloured jersey I got for about £7/m from my local fabric shop. Although the pattern is designed for wovens, I prefer it in jersey as I find it more comfortable, and easier to get a good fit.

Here’s the result!

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